Solomon {also known to the Orphans as Mr. Attic} hails from the old Redwoods in the Misty California North. He spent over ten years in New York working in award-winning theatre, film, and TV as well as being a founding member of The Orphans back in 2011. He considers that the great "City of Tomorrow" is as much of a home as his current residence in the "City of Angels". He is a powerful, brooding, and instinctive actor known for his turns in Broadwalk EmpireTrue DetectivePerson of Interest, and the upcoming Netflix series Iron Fist

In 2015, Solomon took home Best Actor for his role as an embattled widower coming to blows with his dementia-burdened father-in-law in After Rachel written and directed by Josh Litman. Look for his lead roles in the upcoming features The Ones That Have Fallen written and directed by Susan Hunt, Lonely Hearts Club written and directed by Jason Silva, and the third season of Adultish written by Matthew McLachlan and directed by Justin Morck. He proudly stars in Westward Orphan's upcoming art-house indie film, BLACK, WHITE, REaD along side fellow members Kristina Birk and Justin Morck on which Mr. Shiv also served as Executive Producer. Next will be appearing in the upcoming feature Shooting in Vein co-written and directed by Jared Januschka.

He is also a skilled visual artist and a writer of ghost stories with an upcoming illustrated book based upon his "Ghost in the Gaslight" art project. He has also several scripted film and TV forays in development and some of which have already been claimed for production with Orphans Productions. He is a cat person.